Red Whale Speed Boat

Operated : Komodo National Park, Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, Flores Island.


Red Whale Dive Center is a tour operator organizing tours around Labuan Bajo-Komodo National Park. We arrange diving, snorkeling, Komodo wild life observation and island exploration. Red Whale Dive Center offer an ultimate small group tour with in-depth itinerary made from scratch. Come and challenge yourself for one of the best view trekking destinations, Padar Island. Relaxing on the empty, well preserved beaches for stress relief. Feed your curiosity to learn about evolution by observing the biggest ancient lizard, Komodo dragon in the wild. Dive junkie? Us too! Casual dive or adrenaline-driven dive, together with our professional dive master and dive instructor, we will take you to Komodo’s famous dive sites.

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